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Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education Volume 8, 2007


Sixteen New Visual Resources


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Triple Sugar Iron (TSI) Agar
Resource Type: Visual: Atlas
Publication Date: 9/30/2005
Figure 1

Triple Sugar Iron Agar Enlarged View
Figure 2

Escherichia coli (Enlarged View)
Figure 3

Morganella morganii (Enlarged View)
Figure 4

Proteus mirabilis (Enlarged View)
Figure 5

Citrobacter freundii (Enlarged View)
Figure 6

Pseudomonas species (Enlarged View)
Donald Lehman
Department of Medical Technology
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
FIG. 1. Uninoculated TSI tube. (Donald Lehman, University of Delaware)

FIG. 2. Lactose and sucrose fermenter, e.g. E. coli. (Donald Lehman, University of Delaware)

FIG. 3. Glucose fermenter, e.g. Morganella morganii. (Donald Lehman, University of Delaware)

FIG. 4. Glucose fermenter and hydrogen sulfide producer (H2S+), e.g. Proteus mirabilis. (Donald Lehman, University of Delaware)

FIG. 5. Lactose and sucrose fermenter and hydrogen sulfide producer H2S+, e. g. Citrobacter freundii. (Donald Lehman, University of Delaware)

FIG. 6. Non fermenter, e. g. Pseudomonas spp. (Donald Lehman, University of Delaware)


The protocol for utilizing the TSI Agar in undergraduate education is available via a subscription to the MicrobeLibrary.

If you are already a MicrobeLibrary subscriber and logged in, please visit Triple Sugar Iron Protocols.


This resource was peer-reviewed at ASM Conference for Undergraduate Education 2005 (ASMCUE, 2005).

Participating Reviewers:

Susan Merkel
Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.

Patricia Shields
University of Maryland, College Park